About Us

How all it started

Founder Michael DiGiovanni

Our story began when our founder, Michael DiGiovanni, and his team spent many years gaining a deep understanding of the challenges people face when selling their house after buying, renovating, and selling homes across the country and knew the inflexible, uncertain, and stressful way of selling your house wasn’t going to cut it.

The roadmap he began developing back in 2012 came to fruition when, at the height of the global Covid-19 pandemic, Michael and his team set out to reinvent the selling process with a new, radically simplified way to sell your house.

Five Star Google Rating

Since 2020, we have been one of the highest-rated home buying companies in Tennessee with a 5 out of 5-star rating!

We are here to work with you and help solve ANY real estate problem!

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us and our story!

10 out of 10 of homeowners recommend us

We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners solve their real estate needs with a home buying process that stands above the rest!

5 out of 5 review

This was very positive and quick. My family and I were quite impressed and I would recommend Peter to anyone. He was informative and helpful in all of my questions during the whole process. The house I sold had been in my family since 1963 and had seen 4 generations so it was a bittersweet experience but one I feel was the right choice.

Connie Lumley

Connie Lumley

We had a fantastic experience with Storydoor and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to sell their home. We sold our home in record time, at a price we were comfortable with and didn’t have to deal with any of the hassles that come along with a traditional sale.

Theresa Burpo

Theresa Burpo

As we transition into our senior years, we weren’t looking to take on a lot of home improvement projects. So when the kids moved out, we were simply looking to sell and move on with our lives. Storydoor helped us do that.

Louise Taylor

Louise Taylor
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Our team

Tim W. - Senior Client Manager

Tim T.

Senior Client Manager
Tim is the Head of Operations & Senior Client Manager at Storydoor. He brings to the table many years of experience in the field of business operations and client relations. Tim’s passion for operational excellence and ability to create a customized solution for homeowners is second to none. When he’s not optimizing systems and helping sellers move on to the next chapter in their story, Tim loves spending time with his Wife and kids while catching the occasional Major League Baseball game.
Peter S. - Senior Acquisition Manager

Peter S.

Senior Acquisition Manager
Peter is our Senior Acquisitions Manager at Storydoor. A Tennessee native, he has 7 years experience serving sellers in the real estate industry. He’s passionate about helping our clients identify the best solution to their housing situation — regardless of whether or not that solution involves partnering with us. Peter was recently married to his lovely bride, and enjoys tennis, golf, and fishing when he’s not at work. Peter’s Disclaimer: He does not claim to be good at any of the above recreational activities, but he is passionate about helping solve people's housing situations!
Nikko Sechico - Senior Bookkeeper

Nikko S.

Senior Bookkeeper
Nikko is responsible for keeping track of the cash flow at Storydoor, and making sure that it is documented properly. He records and categorizes transactions and arrange them so they can be posted in their proper account types. In his freetime, Nikko is spending time with his wife and chasing after their two adorable kids.
Hazel Dizon - Development Manager

Hazel D.

Team Development Manager
Hazel is our Team Development Manager at Storydoor. She brings years of experience as a team lead in the real estate industry. Hazel is passionate about working behind the scenes with our team members to ensure everyone receives the coaching, training, and support they need to continue raising the bar and be on the cutting edge of local real estate trends for our clients. When she's not helping the team continuously raise the bar, she's likely spending time with her husband and three kids.
Chloe Gevero - Senior Content Strategist

Chloe G.

Senior Content Strategist
Chloe is our Senior Content Strategist at Storydoor. She is responsible for all the content we leverage in our marketing efforts. If you receive a little yellow post card in the mail or heard a clever ad from us on the radio or TV, it's most likely her doing! When she's not working hard coming up with the next clever piece of content, she's most likely at college softball or volleyball games supporting her two daughters.

Jeff S.

Marketing Manager
Jeff is our Marketing Manager at Storydoor. He works directly with Michael to ensure we are connecting with the right people, at the right time, with the right message. Jeff is the one working behind the scenes to make sure our brand is being well-represented in the communities we serve. When he's not making sure we are top of mind when you are considering selling your home, Jeff enjoys watching classic movies, going on hikes with his wife, and spending time with his kids when they are home from college.

Trish G.

Senior Transaction Coordinator
Trish is our Senior Transaction Coordinator at Storydoor. She is responsible for organizing and overseeing all documents and timelines within our real estate transactions. Trish brings many years experience working with countless sellers and situations to ensure your closing process is as fast, simple, and stress-free as possible. She works closely with all parties to ensure contingencies and deadlines are met and all transactions close smoothly. When she's not helping our team stay on top of deadlines she is most likely enjoy time with her son and dogs.

Our pledge to you

We Pledge To Be Fair And Honest And Not To Take Advantage Of Others While Creating A Solution That Is A Win-Win For All Parties.

At Storydoor, we do not take advantage of the situations of other people. We would love to purchase your property, only if it makes sense for both of us. Structuring win-win solutions is what we’re about and what we firmly believe in. You can count on us to be genuine and honest in what we do. Even if we are not the best fit, we would love to point you in the right direction and help you make the best decision for you and your family. Give us a try and see how you can sell your house on your terms!