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Storydoor review Connie
This was very positive and quick. My family and I were quite impressed and I would recommend Peter to anyone. He was informative and helpful in all of my questions during the whole process. The house I sold had been in my family since 1963 and had seen 4 generations so it was a bittersweet experience but one I feel was the right choice. Thank you Peter and Storydoor for your help.

Connie Lumley

Storydoor review Theresa
We had a fantastic experience with Storydoor and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to sell their home. We sold our home in record time, at a price we were comfortable with, and didn’t have to deal with any of the hassles that come along with a traditional sale. The representative we worked with, Peter, was super helpful and was always there to answer our questions and to give us advice. We had a great experience and we’d be happy to recommend Storydoor to anyone…

Theresa Burpo

Storydoor Review Louise
As we transition into our senior years, we weren’t looking to take on a lot of home improvement projects. So when the kids moved out, we were simply looking to sell and move on with our lives. Storydoor helped us do that.

Louise Taylor

We were sick of the hassles that came with the traditional home selling process, so we decided we’d give Opendoor, OfferPad, and Storydoor a chance before we listed with an agent. No obligation so why not? I was honestly surprised that 2 of the offers (Opendoor and Storydoor) came in close to market value based on my home’s current condition. For the record, OfferPad was 30% below. I guess they are more interested in distressed property.

Storydoor gave a slightly lower offer compared to Opendoor, but they were willing to work with me to close in conjunction with my new home allowing me to use the money for my down payment. Storydoor also stated they would beat my best offer by $1000. When I gave them a chance to beat Opendoor’s offer, they were true to their word.

Storydoor is very thorough with their inspection and will give you the opportunity to make repairs yourself or deduct the costs from the purchase price. The repair costs they quoted me with were reasonable based on the bids I received myself from contractors (in fact, the bids I received for the same jobs were higher than I was quoted by Storydoor — they probably get bulk discounts from contractors). My net payment was about the same as if I had gone through the traditional listing process but without all the hassles and lengthy process. I went with Storydoor for the following reasons: 1. No showings. 2. Closing when I wanted. 3. No contingencies or hassle of offers falling though and re-listing.

Overall, it seems like Storydoor has perfected the iBuyer model their predecessors started. The entire process was painless. Everyone from the inspection team to the closing agents were professional and responsive. I recommend you get an offer before hiring a listing agent. You have nothing to lose.


Beth Dickson

I highly recommend Storydoor to anyone looking to sell their house. This is a remarkable company and I’m glad we went with them.


James Delacruz

I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome in the sale of my home. The selling process was seamless and the outcome was better than I ever imagined.

Joyce Gibson

We were in the middle of a big move when we decided to sell our family home. We needed to get out of our current home but we didn’t have a place to move into just yet. We were worried that we would have to sell our home for a loss. We heard about Storydoor from a friend of mine and decided to give them a try. We requested an offer on their website and within a couple hours received multiple offers we could select from. Storydoor was easy to work with and they paid us what we wanted for our home. It was a great experience and we will use them again when we sell our next home.

Lisa Farris

As a first-time home seller, I was nervous about the process. We had a decent house, but this was the first time I had to sell a home. The folks at Storydoor were able to get us an offer to buy our home within 24-hours of me submitting the info on their website’s webform. Within three weeks, we had moved out to our new house.

Linda Ross

Storydoor was easy to work with and they paid us what we wanted for our home. It was a great experience and we will use them again when we sell our next home.

Brenda Garica

This was the perfect solution for me because it allowed me to sell my house completely online, at a price I was comfortable with, without dealing with any real estate agents. I highly recommend to anyone looking to sell their house fast.

Alice Schneider