Special Situations in Real Estate That Might Require a Lawyer

Special Situations in Real Estate That Might Require a Lawyer

Real estate can be an intimidating business. You’re dealing with large amounts of money and very valuable assets. The last thing you’ll want is some litigation to come along and mess everything up. In certain situations, you may even want to get a lawyer on board.

Evicting Tenants

This one is a hard situation to be in. If you end up in the position where you must legally evict a tenant, you’re probably going to want a lawyer. Why? While it is technically possible to evict somebody on your own, the situation is difficult enough that having an expert will make a world of difference. You don’t want to do something wrong in the eviction process and accidentally invalidate your side of the contract. A lawyer will review the contract, ensure that every proper legal step has been taken, and then go about completing the eviction in the correct way. If the tenant knows they are dealing with an eviction lawyer, they are also less likely to resist.

Inheriting a Home

The inheritance process can similarly be messy. If you received property as an inheritance by way of a last will and testament, professionally legalized by the deceased with a lawyer, you’re probably safe (although every circumstance is different, so be ready to hire if it looks like your inheritance may be in dispute). If the deceased was not able to legalize the inheritance properly, the assets might end up in probate court – which can be a huge pain. You will probably want a probate lawyer to walk you through the process; a home in probate needs to be well-maintained, after all. Without a lawyer, you might not get your inheritance at all.

A Personal Injury Lawsuit

You can be held liable for an individual getting injured on your property. They can bring a personal injury lawsuit against you – even if that person wasn’t supposed to be there and wasn’t supposed to be doing what they were doing. Your liability really will depend on the injury and the nature of their visit to your property. A lawyer will help you keep from being financially bankrupted in such a circumstance.

Lawyers tend to be expensive – so you shouldn’t want to be constantly looking to use one. What you should have is a contingency plan and a trusted lawyer on hand for similar scenarios. It never hurts to be prepared. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to litigation.

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